Tips On Protection Of Healthcare Providers From Violence

Doctors all over the world are attacked by patients or their family members for various reasons. Violence on healthcare providers is increasing in recent times. Recently a doctor at the Mental Health System, Dallas was attacked by the patient and she lost her life due to the injuries. It is also said that the main reason for violence against doctors is that they have stopped prescribing control drugs for their patients. Doctors are trained and offered advice on how to protect themselves from a hostile patient who is ready to attack them. Gregory A.Hood a Senior Doctor from Lexington has come up with the following recommendations to doctors to prevent themselves from violence. Follow the following tips as it would help for the protection of healthcare providers.

Be Clear About Your Stand On Violence

Medical providers must make it clear to their patients that they would not accept violence in any form. They must also inform their patients that physical or verbal violence on healthcare providers can cause permanent dismissal from the medical services. This can make a great effect and can reduce the chances of violence on healthcare providers.

Flags Patients Based On Records

Doctors would be aware of a patient’s past record. Thus they must follow a flag system to alert other healthcare workers about the potential problem of a patient. Flag a patient if he or she has a past history of violent behaviour. This can keep doctors and other health care workers to stay on alert when they attend flagged patients.

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Equip Your Facility with Security Features

Doctors must make sure to equip their facility with various safety and security features. This can help them to escape from an attack. They must also make the right use of furniture as a barrier when dealing with violent patients. There are certain guidelines to be followed to prevent workplace violence against healthcare workers.

Try To Escape An Attack

It is not good for healthcare providers or doctors to face attacks. This can increase the chances of violence. Make sure to escape from the attacker and find a safe place. Alerting law enforcement and others can be done later.

Defend Yourself

There are certain situations where doctors or healthcare providers find it difficult to escape from an attack. Defending techniques like martial arts, personal defence etc can be of great help to defend themselves from the attack.

The above are some of the recommendations that can be followed for the protection of healthcare providers so that they can escape from being attacked by patients and others.