The Top Ten Reasons To Learn Karate.

Karate is a way to get in shape without going to the gym. You can learn self-defence and avoid being attacked. Train yourself mentally, physically, spiritually. Build confidence. Gain discipline 5 . Learn respect for others karate kicks ass

#1: You’ll Gain Street Cred:
Karate is a fun, challenging sport with many benefits. You’ll be able to practise kata and play with weapons in your lessons at the dojo. Plus, you can yell loudly! Karate may not help much if somebody tries to rob or mug you on the street, but it’s better than nothing when fighting isn’t an option, so don’t worry about that little detail too much 🙂 It sounds like I’m trying to sell this stuff – which I am because I love learning new things-but part of what makes something cool for me might make someone else think.

#2: It Will Make You Appear To Be A Hottie:
Karate is a sport that allows you to improve your fitness level and appearance, even if it seems hard at first. It will make you appear sexy by strengthening muscles in the body with special emphasis on enhancing explosive power and stamina and giving attractive strong muscles such as those found in powerful athletes like boxers or football players.

#3: You Have The Opportunity To Punch And Kick People:
I love controlling my anger by punching and kicking people. It’s a great way to get out of some stress, but who can also do it purely for fun! It would help if you tried having an open mind about this martial art sometimes too. There may even come a day when you need these skills in your life–who knows what might happen?

#4: You Get To Sleep In Your Pyjamas:
Karate is a lot of fun, and it’s cool to wear the gi. It feels great when you get into those stances, break boards with your hands, or do that karate kick!

Karate involves wearing a white uniform (called the ‘gi’) which makes me feel good about myself because I always try my hardest at everything I do. This outfit has given me another sense of purpose in terms of taking care of and using something so precious for martial arts training purposes.

#5: Karate People Are Oddballs:
Karate people are weirdos: Hey, I know this doesn’t sound like much of a cause to try karate, but bear with me. The people who practise Karate are incredible. A ragtag group of freaks and nerds as well as super intense, wonderful down-to-earth people. These are the comics that I work with every day; they’re my friends too! Karate is what you need if you want an awesome social network full of understanding friends who will push your limits while always having your back no matter how rough things get out there in life’s ring.

#6: It Promotes Self-control:
Karate is a difficult martial art that promotes self-control. One must be aware of their body, learn to control it and use focus to improve over time. They need dedication, long hours of practice and great work habits if they want any chance at mastering this complex discipline.

#7: Karate Forces You To Push Yourself Outside Of Your Comfort Zone:
I had never been the kind of person who likes to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but as I walked into that dojo for my first class with Master Takahashi-sensei and saw all those kids in their uniform waiting patiently and intently listening to his instructions on how they should perform a series of kicks. It was intimidating, sure – it seemed like everyone knew what they were doing while I felt lost, yet something about being there made me feel alive.

#8: Karate Teaches Patience And Humility:
Karate is a martial art that teaches patience and humility. To become proficient, you need to be ready for the long haul because it takes years of hard work before achieving black-belt status. It’s important not to measure your progress against others or believe in any hierarchy as every person has flaws which should remind us how we’re all equal at our core levels. After all, nobody can do everything well! Karate also helps cultivate an attitude of beginner’s mind by encouraging mistakes, so one doesn’t end up too arrogant – this leads people towards success through having self-control over emotions like anger while being kinder with oneself. I suggest trying out Karate if these qualities sound appealing as they may change your life for the better.

#9: Karate Is A Form Of Meditation:
When I’m practising Karate, everything else in life falls into place. It’s a form of concentrated meditation, and it helps me develop my focus while enjoying the process at hand–allowing all other problems to fade away for that moment in time.

#10: Karate Helps You Acquire Grit:
Karate helps you acquire grit, literally and figuratively. You take a punch to the face in your first karate lesson; who punched me in the stomach just last week. In the ring, bruised and wounded after years of hard work, sweat, agony, tears, sometimes even blood on my hands-in this sport it’s not always fun, but damn if it doesn’t help build tolerance for both physical, emotional suffering which makes me tougher stronger more resilient able to endure tough times with courage because one thing is certain: nothing can beat someone who refuses to give up no matter what!