About Us

Welcome to femexkarate.com. Our website focuses on blogs about karate, fighting techniques, and self-defense moves for women. We started this blog in a discussion about karate and self-defense for women. We did not have any idea to start a blog until last year. A team member’s husband is a martial arts master and suggested that we should learn and spread the news to the world. We were not confident and the idea scared us. We started to take lessons and felt stronger mentally and physically. Our confidence levels grew day by day.

It is then we felt that we need to promote this excellent art to women around the world. There are a lot of women who are bold and confident but do not know this art. Every woman needs to be confident about her safety, her body, her mindset, and about herself. Karate and martial arts help in improving your weaknesses, define your confidence and see your strengths. It is the best workout with determination. By practicing regularly, it helps women to be fit in tough situations like delivery of kid or also miscarriage. Martial arts will help you in maintaining a positive mindset. You can learn to protect yourself.

If you do not understand self-defense topics, methods, and concepts, you would not know how to defend or prevent yourself from being attacked. We have shared sufficient tips and techniques that will help you to master this field. We suggest you learn certain techniques by getting assistance from the professionals or trained persons. When you try on your own, there are chances for errors and faults. Do share our blogs with all your friends and to other women whom you know. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to approach us. Thank you for spending time on our blog.