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Karate is a type of Japanese martial art which uses physical aspects of the body for developing defensive moves as well as counter attacking movements. The main themes of Karate are self-defense and fighting. A lot of discipline and consistent effort is required during the training sessions.

The origin of the term ‘Karate’ is from two Chinese characters. Learning Karate also means incorporating the rules of Karate in all parts of life as well. The discipline that is instilled in the individual by undergoing training in Karate has to be practiced in all aspects of life.

Femex Karate is run by a group of enthusiastic karate athletes who strive to introduce the concepts of Karate to people from all ages and irrespective of gender. The four main styles of Karate taught at Femex Karate Academy:

Femex Karate Federation has many expert Karate athletes who are ready to offer guidance to newcomers this martial art form. The academy also has a mentor system in place to help young kids from unstable backgrounds to help achieve their goals in life, The experts will also help you train for Karate tournaments with special emphasis on techniques and form.

This Site contains all details and information that relates to the Karate. It offers information related to the martial art form. The Site would provide answers to all the relevant questions regarding karate and also provide all the latest news regarding the art form.