Privacy Rights

The site collects information about you when you register, subscribe to our newsletters or any online publications regarding Karate. The Femex Karate site even gathers information that is entered by you, at some point in time, when asked for details during form fillings and surveys. The reason for the collection is sole to provide you with the best browsing experience of our site. The data otherwise gathered will usually be from the devices that you use to browse our Site. When you continue using the sites, it is an implicit agreement to our privacy policy.

The site takes special care by implementing various security software to maintain the safety and security of the information collected and provided. The site makes sure to use only secured server. The payment gateways offered in the sites are encrypted to ensure no data loss. The site also promises to protect your safety at any point in time unless the law of the land requires otherwise.

The site uses cookies necessary to remember and personalise your browsing experience. The cookies are small files that are transferred to your system for the sole purpose of recognition.

The site never sells, trades or uses the information provided to any other third party. It is recommended not to use the site, if the user does not accept the agreement. You are at free will to make the changes of cookies in your system to ensure protection from your end. However, note that your browsing experience will never be very effective with the same.