Perfect Guide To Self-Defence For Senior Woman

Today there is a great threat to the safety of women in our society. Personal safety must be a top priority of women of all ages. The cases of attacks on older women and abuse are less compared to those of younger women. It is said that one out of ten senior adults experience abuse. The attack on senior people is less but the impact it creates is of course greater. Thus it is important that senior women consider their personal safety as they age. Self-defence for senior women can help in protecting themselves from any forms of attack or abuse. The following lists some of the ways that elderly women can equip themselves so that they can defend during an attack or violence.

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What is Senior Self-Defense?

We all are aware of the traditional self-defence practised by young people. They make use of all their strength, agility, power and speed to defend against the attacker. This does not work out in the case of elderly people. Thus the senior self-defence is all about strategies and techniques to be followed so that they can escape from the attacker easily. Senior men and women need not practice martial arts to learn senior self-defence. Also, there is no need for strength or flexibility to practice senior self-defence. Senior people must be alert and confident when implementing senior self-defence.

List of Senior Self Defence Techniques

The following are some of the senior self-defence techniques to be followed by elderly women.

Robber Trying To Snatching A Bag From A Senior Woman.

Be Vigilant: Senior women must always stay alert when they come out of their house. They must be aware of the things happening in their surroundings so that they can stay safe. Always have a check if someone is following you. If something suspicious occurs around you make sure that you walk into a public place like a restaurant or any store.

De-Escalation: This is a common self-defence technique followed by senior women to escape from violence from their family members. It is nothing but the use of words to reduce the tension of violence.

Cane Fu: Using forceful language on the attacker or criminal can spoil their plan. Make sure with your word that you’re not an easy target. This can change their attack plans.

No Weapons: It is not a good idea to carry self-defence weapons like guns, knives, pepper spray etc by aged women. This can be a great threat to your lives. They can make use of simple objects like key chain, pen, umbrella and others for self-protection.

Get Away: It is always important that senior women try out ways to escape from the attacker. They can attack the criminals in their sensitive area like eyes, throat etc. This can give them some few seconds to escape from the attacker.

Attend Self Defence Classes

It is a good idea for senior women to attend workshops or training on senior self-defence. They can also learn some simple martial art moves.