Things To Know About Self-Defence For Law Enforcement

People who are working in public safety, law enforcement, security and parole require a great sense of security and alertness. Women cops are offered with special training for self-defence. In India, the crime rate against women has increased and this makes it necessary for the women cops to consider their personal safety. The Mumbai Police has taken certain measures for self-defence for law enforcement. The following article talks about the self-defence training offered for woman cops in Mumbai.

Need For Self-Defence For Law-Enforcement

The increase in crime rate against women is the main reason for self-defence training for women police personnel. Self-defence training helps women cops to protect themselves from criminals and also gives them the confidence to save the lives of people in the society who are in trouble.

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Training Session On Self Defence For Women

A training session was organized by the Mumbai police at the Naigaon and Marol police ground in Mumbai. Nearly 150 women police personnel were offered training in martial arts as a part of self-defence training. Vijay Chavan, additional commissioner of police(Local arms) Mumbai headed the team in offering self-defence training for women cops. The training was planned in batches and timings were based on the work timings of the police personnel. This helped them to manage both work and training in the right way. The Mumbai police department made sure that women police personnel do not miss their training sessions due to their duty schedule.

The self-defence training was offered by a sports officer, a black-belt expert. A trained women cop assisted the self trainer during his training. The training was conducted in three batches of 50 women police personnel in each batch.