Self Defense For Wheelchair Users – Tips And Techniques

Self Defense And The Vulnerable

Wheelchair users are the most vulnerable lot and are often an easy target for criminals. It is certainly due to the precarious condition they are in. The criminals are aware that they cannot escape and might not be able to defend themselves. It is easy to get what the attackers want from the wheelchair users. As being confined to the chairs, they lack confidence and the assertion required to face a dangerous confrontation. First and foremost thing you need to have in mind is nothing is impossible.

There are plenty of self defense for wheelchair users available to safeguard yourself from a potential attack. You just have to be aware and have a presence of mind. Criminals mostly feel that wheelchair users are helpless. And, they will be really stunned if you show some vigour and are ready to put up a fight. Your wheelchair in itself is a good weapon and an obstacle to use against an attacker. You are the master of your wheelchair. Quickly move your wheelchair and thrust into the attacker hitting them in the shin. It is painful and they will lean forward. At this moment, punch the nose, eyes or throat. They will be disoriented and you can escape.

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Things To Consider As You Go Out

Pepper sprays are handy weapons that can be easily carried in your hand bag or as a key chain. It comes in affordable prices and is a good weapon for wheelchair users. Though there are other self defense for wheelchair users, pepper spray provides a quick escape from the attacker. It gives you more time while the attacker is fending off the trouble. There are electronic whistles available in the market. Have it in a convenient spot so you can easily use it as an alarm. It has a loud sound and can reach far distances. The noise will distract the attacker and you can use any other mechanism to defend yourself. Or, the attackers would have changed their mind.

A stun gun is another option for a weapon. You need to find if it is legal to use in your region. It is small enough to carry with you in the wheelchair. It passes electric shock to the attacker making them stop in their tracks. Carry a foldable stick or use the armrest to attack the criminals from a distance. It will be surprising as wheelchair users are not expected to fight back.

Fighting the Attackers

Those bound in a wheelchair have a strong torso. Use it to your advantage to fight the attacker. Knees of the attacker are an easy target for a person sitting on a wheelchair. It is also a sensitive part. Focus on making the knee go in the opposite direction with your wheelchair or any object you have. It will break the knees and you get enough time to seek help as the attacker will not be able to chase after you. During a face to face confrontation, you get access to everything from waist down.

Attack the groin which is often close to you. Punch out multiple times aiming at the groin and when the attacker bends down, hit the chest area and he is soon to fall. Attackers attack even if they are caught surprised. They will mostly attack the body or face. Learn to block the stroke and hit the attacker anywhere you can reach. Target many places multiple times. At times the attackers will try confining your hands so you cannot move. You must keep your hands close to the wheelchair. This will make the attacker come close to you so their face is exposed. Use your hand to strike anywhere on the face.