Self Defense For Law Enforcement – Tips And Techniques

Law Enforcement And Self Defence

Police officers and law enforcement are people who face maximum violence from criminals. You could be working for public safety, security, corrections or as a bodyguard, no matter where and when you are bound to face a confrontation. Self defense for law enforcement is as important as learning martial arts and keeping yourself fit. It helps you be alert on the go. You are ready to face the challenges of your job with tips and techniques from a good self defense training.

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Best Self Defense For Law Enforcement

Men in uniform are required to act fast and make prudent decisions when confronted by unexpected circumstances. It is easy to control a chaotic situation using a firearm, tear gas or water cannon. But, there are cases when police officers do not have these weapons in hand. Here, self defense can come in handy. Martial arts assist police officers in situations when they don’t have any weapons. Karate, taekwondo, kungfu, kickboxing are some of the best martial arts that teach self defense. There are self defense techniques that combine the best of the above mentioned martial arts. This includes Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Combat Hapkido.

Self Defense Tools Used By Law Enforcement

Baton is always a law enforcement officer’s best friend. A police officer may not always carry a gun, but an officer on duty will carry a baton. The belt can be used to carry equipment for self defense. Pepper spray, taser, ammunition, flashlights and keys can be carried easily along the belt. It is also readily accessible. It is not easy to carry everything in all circumstances. Presence of mind and common sense will always keep you safe as you are in one of the riskiest jobs.