Self Defense For Beginners – The Need

Benefit of Self Defense

Self defense can be easily underrated when it comes to learning new skills. People mostly love to learn cooking, foreign languages, dance, arts, music and others. Self defense is never given a second thought. But, self defense is always a useful skill especially for the vulnerable section. You can be confident when you face an attack. A small step to defend yourself will threaten the attacker and may lose grip. Self defense is not always beating up your attackers physically but protecting your life and self esteem in the wake of a threat. It just helps you keep yourself safe. There are so many classes and courses available in self defense for beginners.

Self defence helps you be aware of your surroundings, quickly understanding a threat and plan a strategy to deal with it. Attackers look for easy targets who can be easily intimidated. One basic thing you need to learn is to behave assertive and show confidence. This is the first step to stay safe. Everything else comes next. Most of the potential attackers will be distracted and feel insecure when they find that you are ready to defend. Even if the defense is trying to speak aloud to draw attention to the can be more than enough most of the time.

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For some people it is a basic instinct to fight back while a few can stay out of danger. But a lot of us easily get scared. Expert advice on how to defend helps you improve confidence and remove fear. A good training will place you in a better position to face the danger and react assertively. It is definitely worth all the effort when you are living in a world where crime rate is increasing

Woman Self Defense Training With Her Trainer.

Different Self Defense For Beginners

You can look at self defense classes as an insurance to protect you. You are going to enjoy this more than paying insurance bills. There are long term and short term classes based on your need. Long term classes can give you invaluable practice sessions that can be of use when you apply it for the first time during emergencies. Apart from defense techniques, you will practice awareness, assertiveness and more. Fighting techniques are the core part of any self defense for beginners. Given an emergency situation, you must know how to fight. There could be situations where you can be easily cornered no matter how quick, assertive or confident you are.

Apart from martial arts, there are some fighting techniques that can be used solely for self defense. Mixed martial arts is inspired from various martial arts but selectively picks moves suitable for sustaining an attack mostly against skilled attackers. Krav maga is a defensive technique that employs street style fighting. The fighting styles draw inspiration from other martial arts to a simple and effective response to different types of attack. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a street style fighting style that involves floor work, grappling, breaking out of holds to deal with powerful opponents. Muay Thai involves strikes in a standing position. An extremely fast fighting style that involves sweeps and throws.

Tips To Help You In Self Defense

It is always advisable to keep out of danger situations. There are a few simple precautionary measures that you can follow to keep you safe. Always be aware of where you are and who else is there. Make a judgement on places where an attacker can easily hide. Don’t walk with your eyes fixed on the phone or on the floor. Attackers pursue people who look submissive. So walk with confidence. Make noise if you are attacked. This will help draw attention to the situation. Respond first. Don’t wait for the attacker to use force on you first. Act before that. Always carry your keys in the fist. It can be useful while you attack. Umbrella and rolled up newspapers are also good weapons.

Your initial aim to defend yourself is to shun the attacker. So act quickly. A quick shot on the eyes, ears, throat, knees and joints can be good. It will stun the attacker for a moment and you can run. You can use the first, heel or side of hands, elbow and knees to strike.