Preparing Yourself To Face Knife Attacks.

Self-defense for knife attacks: 3 essential tips

Does watching a knife-wielding villain in the movie scare you out of wits? Imagine putting yourself in the same situation and think about what you would do? Will you be able to ease the tension or defend yourself from the attack? If not, keep on reading to learn some tips on how to protect and disarm your knife-wielding attacker.

Self-defense tips: Tips to ease tension with the attacker

The attackers may attack you for various reasons. While many attacks are theft motivated, a few attackers may attack under the influence of intoxicants. Whatever the reasons are, when someone attacks you with a knife, try to remain calm at first as sudden movements can surprise him and can provoke him to attack you.

Figure out what motivated them to attack you and try engaging the attackers in conversation. If they are robbers, never try to protest and give away the entire valuables you have. No valuables can replace your precious life. For attackers who are trying to pick a fight for no reason, talking may not work out; but try engaging them in conversation to buy yourself some time.

If you are dealing with an intoxicated or a mentally unstable person, try talking out smoothly. Remember, these persons are the most dangerous of all, and if engaging the attackers in talks does not work out, figure out ways to run away or yell at the top of your voice.
Try the following tips in the next section that speaks about different ways to disarm your assailant.

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Self-defense for knife attacks: Counterattack tips

Running away from your attacker is the best way of escaping from your attacker. But, if the escape is least possible, try attacking the assailants using the following self-defense techniques and run away after grounding them:

  • Strike your assailant’s throat with your arms or elbow and try damaging the person’s trachea. A sudden blow can imbalance their posture, and you must utilize the time to run away.
  • Male attackers can be quickly grounded if attacked in the groin. Use your knee or shin to make this strike effective.
  • Eyes are another sensitive part and if you are very close to your attacker, use all your might to attack him in the eyes. This attack is exceptionally life-threatening, therefore use it only if it is a life or death situation.

In case your attacker can avoid all your blows, you must be prepared to defend yourself with techniques as mentioned in the next section.

Instructor Demonstrates Martial Arts Self Defense Knife Attack Disarming Technique.

Essential tips for self-defense for knife attacks

If running away and counter-attack tips are not successful, then defense is the only way to ground your attacker. Remember the knife attacks are a life and death situation for you and never feel sorry for your attacker, in case your attack is stronger than you had expected.

  • Defending a knife-wielding attacker will be challenging; hence, running away will be the best option. Try tricking the assailant by spitting or throwing sand or bag to the attacker’s face and escape with all strength.
  • If you cannot run away, try looking for a weapon in your surroundings that can alarm your attacker. Throwing your shirt over to his face can blind the attacker for a few moments.
  • Wait for the assailant’s attack and strike with your weapon when he lunges towards you.
  • Disarming your attacker off the knife should be your primary motive. If you are without a weapon, try to grab the attacker’s wrist and throw his knife away.
  • Grabbing the wrists can also give you the control of the knife’s direction and hence utilize the time to punch your attacker in the face.
  • Ground the attacker to the ground, punch continuously on his face, and throw away the knife as far as possible.

The tips are merely pointers on how to react to dangerous situations. It is recommended that everyone should enrol themselves in self-defense courses and prepare themselves to face any potential challenges with confidence.