Self Defense For Human Trafficking – Tips And Techniques

Human Trafficking – Points You Need To Know

Human trafficking is an evil that has been taking place for years and will continue so in the future. It is a grave violation of human rights. Every year there are thousands of men, women and children who fall prey into this vicious crime. It happens all over the world. It happens for sexual exploitation, labor, servitude, organ harvesting, terrorism, forced marriage and criminality. Human trafficking involve trapping people by using violence, coercion and deception.

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Tips And Techniques To Tackle Kidnappers

Women and children are easy targets for a trafficker. The most likely place is somewhere out of the stores after shopping or near the parking lot. Kidnappers using violence have to be handled differently. Though common sense is the best form of self defense, it is always good to invest in a self defense course. A good training on self defence for human trafficking can help you cope with such dangerous confrontation. They are not aiming to harm you or steal something from you. They need you alive and intact. Kidnappers will have a vehicle ready to take you to the destination.

A self defense course can teach you how to tackle a potential kidnapper. They are most likely to attack you from behind. The best option would be to use your legs or elbows to strike at the knees or chest. Learn techniques to free yourself from the grab. Attackers can cover your face or eyes. You can bite the hands to cause pain and show that you are ready to confront. This will give you confidence and time to apply more strategies to stun the kidnapper. There is a need to raise awareness in children about human trafficking and ways to tackle a potential threat.

Be Safe And Be Aware

It is important to know the place you are living, know about your surroundings. Nothing can happen if you are safe and aware. Keep an eye for strangers. Try not to be alone or let your child be alone in an isolated place. If you need to be alone, have a partner or at least let somebody know where you are. Use your common sense. It can keep you safe. Plan to have self defense devices with you including pepper spray. Keys, umbrellas and even a book can be an effective weapon against kidnappers.