The Tricks To Enhancing Concentration

The number of distractions students have these days are million. Therefore, the need to focus on and enhance competitive exam concentration has increased. In this brief article, we explore some of the tricks for the same.

  • Every time you walk from your desk to the bathroom or your room to the kitchen, count your steps. It is one of the most reliable techniques for raising powers of focus. For your first six steps, inhale. For the next six, hold in your breath. For the next six, exhale slowly. Start with two steps if six is not possible. The aim is to centre the body and mind by focusing on each step and breath. The simple exercise leaves the mind alert and refreshed to concentrate on a task.
  • To augment your will power, train your mind. The next time you sit down to prepare for IAS exam and your brain tells you to pick up the phone, control the impulse. If your brain says you are hungry, wait for half an hour before getting up to eat something. Slowly you will reach a point where concentrating on the present task will become as natural as breathing.
  • Another tip to boosting attention is the two-minute trick. For this, wear a wristwatch and look at the second’s hand for 120 seconds. For those minutes empty the mind of all other thoughts and just stare at the thin, ticking hand. At first, the exercise will take effort, and the mind will wander, but in three weeks, your brain will be trained.

All these exercises are meant to develop the brain muscle to focus and pay attention to only one thing at a time. By doing so, you take away all external noise and achieve a laser-like concentration.

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