Common Myths About Martial Arts and UPSC EXAMS

All India Civil Service Coaching in Chennai Shares Valuable Tips

If you want to crack IAS or civil services exam, it is necessary to start your preparation at least a year before. Each year, lakhs and lakhs of aspirants take up the exam, and only a few of them pass in the exams.  Concentration is one of the important factors that helps in making your dream come true. It is the talent to concentrate your mind in only one motive. You need to remove all the distractions coming across from your mind. 

Are you wondering how to improve concentration?  Well, one of the top IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai suggest learning Karate to enhance your concentration. It is a popular martial art that helps in enhancing your focus and concentration. By practicing daily, you can see a lot of improvement in yourselves.

Several people complain that they cannot concentrate on a particular thing for a long time. It may happen after a failure or feeling bored when doing the same task again and again (reading the books). They automatically lack concentration and indulge their mind in several things. Karate is one of the best things that can be practiced on a weekly or daily basis if you wish to be successful. 

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All India Civil Service Coaching In Chennai Shares Advantages Of Learning Concentration Techniques 

  • Enhanced concentration allows you to enhance your study efficiency. It helps you to internalize and understand more concepts in limited time, especially if you are steadily focusing on the work.
  • When you enhance your attentiveness, your memory turns sharp. This way, you can remember concepts for a long time. You can study and cover a lot of concepts and remember in mind. 
  • It is not easy to crack the UPSC civil services exam when you cannot concentrate on your work efficiently. It is necessary to remain mentally healthy to crack the exam easily. 

Young student preparing for an exam, writing notes and studying.

All India Civil Service Coaching In Chennai Shares Ways To Improve Concentration 

Here you can go through some tips to be focused while preparing for exams. Apart from karate, there are other ways to enhance concentration. They have been listed and explained below.   

Enjoy what you are doing

If you like the subject you are learning, you can easily memorize the contents. Distraction and boredom stay away if you seriously have an interest in the subject you are studying. Remind yourself that your ultimate goal is to clear the UPSC exams and talk to yourself – I enjoy reading this topic, and I will surely complete today. When you keep saying this to yourself, you can see a lot of difference. Do you try or force yourself to watch a cricket match or other TV programs? Mostly, No. It is the same in this case. You should not push yourself to learn something when you are interested in that subject.

Sufficient sleep

If the body and mind in a tired status, it is hard to study correctly. You should have a calm and relaxed mind to concentrate and read your subjects. When you do not have sufficient rest, your mind would not be cam. It remains distracted most of the times. Ensure to sleep for at least six or seven hours a day. However, it is not recommended to sleep too much. When you sleep more than recommended hours, you will become lazy and disappoint your system. It also affects your IAS plans and dreams.

Photo about Morning with coffee or cocoa, books, and studing or preparing for exams.Right place

If you wish to avoid distractions or disturbances, it is best to sit and read in the right place. It should be free from all kinds of distractions. It is important to choose a proper room or place when it comes to preparing for UPSC exams. You can select your private study area as it helps in focusing and accomplishing better concentration.

Avoid sensory input

It is recommended to avoid multitasking when you wish to crack IAS exam. Do not watch television while studying. Switch off the electronic gadgets. Do not keep checking your mail or phone frequently. Avoid loud noises.


Meditation is the best tool that helps in enhancing concentration. Develop the habit of my meditating at least 10 minutes per day. As you keep doing regularly, you can see a good change in your concentration levels. Do exercises, eat right, and take breaks to have a healthy body and mind. Without a healthy body and mind, you cannot achieve your goals.