Importance of learning karate for students

Great and Unusual Bruce Lee Quotes

“Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

How to Discover the martial Art Legend?― Bruce Lee
“The martial arts are ultimately self-knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock the hell out of the guy in front, but to knock the hell out of your ego, your fear, or your hang-ups.”
– Bruce Lee
Martial arts are disciplined systems of combat practices. They are practised for various reasons including self-defence, law enforcement and military. However today martial arts are required for many other reasons than the initial reasons for which the structure of martial arts was formulated.
Here is a link that gives you an idea of the benefits of practising or learning any of the martial art forms.

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Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts ?

Kids or children of today should learn any one of the forms of martial arts. As Bruce Lee rightly said, the art form is more of self-knowledge than anything else. The following reasons will give you an understanding of why the martial art is a must and should requirements for children these days.

Activity: Considering the numerous health problems that are cropping up these days, Martial Art forms are required for the kids to get active and moving than being a couch potato. The issues of obesity are also increasing these days concerning kids that Martial art form will make the kids fit and healthy more than any other thing. Enrol the kids today to make them enjoy the Martial art as they get in shape to become healthy.

Focus: Martial art tremendously helps in increasing the attention of your Child’s mind. As Bruce Lee pointed out, a real martial artist slowly learns to search himself to understand his positives and negatives. This understanding will enable him to work towards his goals, increasing his focus on the subject he has laid ahead of him.

Learning to take the Lows of life: Martial teaches students to take the hit, it not only means the taking of blows but also taking of disappointment in the right spirit. We are all aware that life is not filled only with happiness it has its ups and downs. However, how we take, it is what matters to get back and win the situation. Martial arts teaches the students to make the hits, absorb them to get back and hit. This part of taking the lows of life in the right spirit is essential in every part of life IAS Training Centers; NEET exam coaching centres also prefer students to learn Martial Art form to understand this part of life.

How Martial Arts Training Builds Your Confidence?

  • Self Confidence: Confidence is what students get when they learn martial arts. Every time the child goes one notch up in theReasons You Kids Should Practice karate class, he gains confidence that he’ll be able to do it better in life. Playing with bigger and better kids also give us the courage to run for more significant challenges in life while also teaching us humility. Self-confidence and respect automatically come through the leanings of martial arts.
  • Connecting Mind and Body: Martial art lets the mind focus which makes the body respond to the command given by the mind. This activity combines the body and mind of a person very quickly.
  • Conflict Resolution: The response of no reaction in martial arts is the technique that has to be learnt in real life too. This reaction solves conflicts in real life.
  • Breathing: Breathing techniques will be learnt in martial arts. It is said the opponent’s way of fighting can be easily guessed by the way they breathe.
    Karate is of the martial art form which originated in Japan and travelled across the world to become one of the most taught art forms. A lot of students who have learnt this martial art forms have benefitted immensely from this particular art form. It is now p[popularly thought in schools and colleges as extracurricular activities.
  • As we already know that martial art form develops immense self-confidence, karate is known for producing this self-confidence to defend themselves from any challenging situation.The real lessons in martial arts are essential for fitness and mental experiences learnt in karate are a benefit for leading a happy and healthy life.
  • Memory: The karate students have a unique technique called the katas which has to be memorised in a particular order. The karate students need to learn the self-defence moves in a certain way and perform them in the classes. This will enable them to learn the technique of memorisation thereby increasing their memory power.
  • Discipline: Karate classes are generally rigorous. No instructors will tolerate excessive talking or goof up. Therefore the learning of this martial art form automatically develops excellent control.

Colored Belt Ranking SystemMartial Art Belt System and Goal Setting

  • Goal: Karate or any other martial art forms have the belt system. This unique system gives the students an opportunity to set the goal and strive hard to reach the final belt. This brings about an aim in the student’s life to set goals to achieve even his life’s targets.
  • Effort: Any Martial art form requires effort from the student to indulge in combat. Karate is no less as it pushes the students to give hundred percent efforts to achieve in battle. This effort is carried forward by the students for every challenge in their life.
  • Respect: It is one of the essential life lessons every human would have to learn to lead a successful life. In Martial arts, respect comes as it is. The students in Karate are thought to respect their masters. Teaching to respect their masters is further developed by learning to respect themselves and their friends, family and karate classmates. The karate instructors’ spend hours discussing the value of respect to each other that the children’s value for respect is instilled strongly.

These benefits take the values of students further to lead a very happy and prosperous along with healthy life.