Know Some Amazing Facts About Karate

Being originated in East Asia Karate is one of the finest and popular martial arts. Karate has been in existence over a period of centuries, and it has been regularized in the city of Okinawa, Japan in the 17th century when people are restricted to carry weapons with them. The term karate indicates ‘empty hand’ in the Japanese language and is known as one of the martial-arts discipline by using various hand techniques such as kicking, striking and defensive blocking with hands and legs. Read on to find some interesting facts about this wonderful martial art.

This short write up is not elaborative buy will be handy for the individuals who are passionate in knowing about this wonderful and ancient art from Japan. Over a period of time, Karate has evolved into various systems as it was taught in various schools which have used different techniques and training methods. However, the basics of this great art remain same in all the schools across the world. Like the other martial arts , karate has many over overlapping techniques and in general, it teaches and enhance the mental attitude and follows many rituals . More importantly, it has a complex ranking system by colors of different belts, the highest and superior being the popular ‘ Black Belt’.

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karate1Interestingly, this great art karate has lots of rituals and practices. Dujo, is the name given to the place wherein this lovely martial art is being taught by teachers who own Black belts. One had to wear a white and specific type of uniform which is termed as ‘Gi’ in Japanese term for ‘uniform’. The loud noise made during the practice is known as “kiai’ which represents the unification of will. Karate is a universal art which can be easily learned by anyone irrespective of age and sex. It is also considered to be a great physical workout by which it carries several health benefits for its practitioners.

According to the experts, Katate follows Ishinryu belt system starting from the White Belt for the beginners to the First Dan Black Belt and this system is still used in all parts of the world. This colored belt system is usually used to show the level or degree of proficiency of each student in their chosen martial art. The colored belt system is touted to have been used first in Judo. Beginners in this art are usually identified through their white belts. To move from one belt color to another, students are expected to take tests in which their skill levels are tested.

Beginners move from white belt to yellow belt after passing necessary tests then move on to the other colors. The highest belt color attainable is the black belt. One should know a fact here; under this colored belt system, it is considered disrespectful and disgraceful to wear a belt color when one is not yet qualified to wear. Hence, it is highly important in the martial arts to respect the belt color system at global level.