Body, Soul and Karate

The benefits for the body

Basically, Karate defends you. It teaches to protect one’s own self and help others if needed. It is a wholesome workout for the total body. Training under a good sensei works its magic from the head to the toes. Every muscle is stretched, toned and fine-tuned.

Regular training helps to shed unnecessary fat and consistent training ensures that one does not gain any unwanted weight. It is also absolutely imperative to maintain body weight for optimized footwork.

Karate is a great calorie-burner. It increases stamina and supremely improves strength and power.

One greatest blessings of rigorous karate training is that the endurance the body learns and masters. Endurance is vital in any self-defence technique. Over the course of time the body endures pain, hunger, sickness and any other gauntlet it is put through.

Increase in agility and speed is an added contribution.

The ability to simultaneously execute punches while combining a complicated footwork improves balance and stability.

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Karate and the Soul

The wise Gichin Funakoshi once quoted, “ The ultimate aim of Karate does not lie in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of it’s participants.” Karate does not merely impart the knowledge of defence.

With this form of martial art being so deadly, it would not have been wise of the masters to let it spiral out of control without something to hold the reins. The basic principles of karate are hard and fast. It begins and ends with “rei” or respect and stands on the side of justice.

Karate is an excellent stress- reliever. It improves the mood and greatly influences the quality of sleep.

By helping keep the body in prime condition, self-esteems vastly improves, thereby boosting confidence. There is simply no place for negative feelings of depression, suicidal tendencies, low self- esteem and anxiety in a well- trained Karateka’s mind.

The ability to take quick and clear decisions, executing plans, sharpening of the senses , etc all come with the training that Karate imparts.

Karate- A Way Of Life

Karate isn’t just a martial art. It goes beyond the Dojo or training school. It goes beyond the Dan belt or black belt. It is a lifelong pursuit. The key principle is not about winning- it is not about losing. It is all about learning not to give up without putting one’s best foot forward. Pun intented!