Training Tips For Competing In A Karate Tournament

Knowing About Elements That Will Push Your Win

If you want to be a successful competitor in a karate tournament, you must remember the important elements that are part of a winning technique. These elements will get you ready to face your opponent anywhere, any time.

Eye control – look where you are going
Speed control – use slow and fast movement wherever necessary
Breath control – breathe out while applying a technique
Power control – follow the rhythm

Apart from these important elements, counter attacking is also an important technique to consider. Counter attacking technique helps you to avoid an attack from the opponent by creating a gap between your opponent and you. Learn to stand your ground and counter attack. You must also know to initiate your attack before your opponent attacks because it will force your opponent to be defensive.

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Additional Points To Remember

Remember it is always important to select a few techniques to practice consistently every day. As good techniques can get you better scores with ease, work constantly to sharpen your techniques.

– Always work on a game strategy or a plan on how to approach your opponent in the competition. To implement your plan, you must practice daily to be calm and calculative.

– Always maintain your energy during a competition and this requires you to be match fit.

– Always try to find out a way to improve. Learn from your last fight by analyzing how you won or lost.

– Always hide your technique. Place your opponent guessing your stance or your technique, and also maintain your height level.

– Always learn to be in the correct posture so that you will move correctly according to your speed. Your feet must point in the direction where you wish to go and your supporting leg must push you in the direction in which you want to go.

– Always follow a technique that will help you to win. Following multiple techniques at the same time is not a must to follow.

– Always avoid the mistake of considering the head as the target in a competition. You can score points with your well-timed reverse punch against the mid-section of your opponent.

– Always consider your guard as your shield. It will make it difficult for your opponent to score against you and protect you from your opponent. Learn to maintain correct distance to be away from your opponent’s attacks.