Increasing Your Concentration To Study Better For Competitive Exam

How do you enhance competitive exam concentration? This is one questions that every teacher, mentor, and scion of education in Chennai is asked again and again. The reason for it is apparent. Competitive exams like the CSE are a tough nut to crack. On top of it their syllabus vast. Combined, clearing the IAS exam is a daunting task, and an aspirant needs to utilize every trick they can get hold of.

One way to increase concentration and focus for the Civil Services Examination is repetition. It is revising that is more important than learning something new. A student who picks up a new topic to prepare each day is less likely to pass the competition than a candidate who repeats the same topic every day until it is mastered.

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Why does repetition augment competitive exam concentration? The answer lies with the human brain. Studies say that an average candidate will forget more than 80% of what they have prepared within 24 hours. The brain retains that means of all the topic you study in a day on 1/5th. In 30 days, you retain only 5% of the topics. Most remember even less.

What an IAS candidate hears or sees every day is stored in short-term memory. Therefore, it is soon erased. To shift something to the long-term memory, it has to be either unique or repeated. Since syllabus of a competitive exam is rarely unique, repetition is the only solution left.

Therefore, any student who wishes to pass CSE with flying colours needs to study the same topics, chapters, and subjects again and again. Revision and reiteration are the crucial tricks to enhancing your concentration and retaining power. Master a topic and only then move onto a new.