Unwind Your Body And Mind With Karate

The emergence of martial arts dates back to 3000 years ago. It is essential an art form of the East and spread across India, China, Sri Lanka and Korea. The West calls it the ‘power within’ the individual. In the west, the martial arts like Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo, Kung Fu, etc. are seen mostly as kicking and punching. But martial arts are more than just this, Matinee icon and master of martial arts Bruce Lee concentrated on three areas self-protection, cultivation of the mind and health promotion. The practice inculcates physical and mental relaxation.

There are a few things that help in concentrating on these art forms. Spa treatments, special massages, soft music, swimming, playing an instrument, etc. are some practices that help promoting a stress-free mind that complements these arts. Livestrong.com, a lifestyle website, talks about the association between martial arts and spa treatment and how it improves focus. You can check out some popular therapy centers or spas such as Riverday Spa, Colin Stone, Float Dreams, L’AUBERGE DE SEDONA, The Setai, etc., that can help you to focus while practising Karate.

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girl karateMoral code of conduct

In Karate the code is part of moral values that transcend from the ancient times and reinforces the pacifistic urge is the soul of the art form. This enforces the students develop the right attitude towards life and practice virtues both inside and outside the training academy. Studies reveal that there are many training techniques in Karate that helps to reduce aggression.

Physical well-being

Karate athletics can improve the physical and psychological well-being. During the training period, the students regularly exercise that turns out into a lifetime habit. It helps in balancing the blood circulation, blood pressure and lowers the cholesterol levels. This means you cut down on the medical bills. The muscles and joints become flexible, and they have a higher chance of surviving accidents.

Mental well-being

The improvement in mental health is obvious. After hours of karate training, the student is exhausted and feels totally spent. The muscles in the body gets relaxed helping them feel stress-free. This concept is called recycling physical stress through exercise. When the student is pushed to their limits, they use mental concentration to keep going. They do not have the strength to think of anything else as there is no energy left. Through this, a lesson is learnt. They learn how to handle one task at a time with 100% commitment. The results are effective and fast, giving you scope to move to the next task.

Strengthening confidence

The students keep goal posts in their mind, here it is all about achieving the next belt. The long term goal is divided into a number of small term goals. As soon as the goals are set the behavioural changes happen, and the mind gets ready for the action. The end-results are achieved in a systematic and disciplined manner. The belting ranking system measures the progress. Goals add directional life, and the achievement gives a feeling of satisfaction.

The art of self-defense gives you the inner confidence and peace of mind that you can defend yourself when the need arises. Moreover, the Karate training gives you an opportunity to make friends and build a social life.