Guadalupe Caballero (Mex), Logra Silver In 68 Kilos Of JCC

COATZACOALCOS, VER., 28 NOV. – In a close match, Mexican Guadalupe Caballero Xhunashi lost the final of karate this afternoon in the category of up to 68 kilograms against the Dominican Carmen Harrigan.

On the second day of karate tournament activities at the Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014, at the Centro de Convenciones of this city, the Mexican went all the way in search of giving another aura to the local delegation, but fell 0 -1.

The Dominican scored a slight difference on her opponent and with one point she got the advantage, to stay with the gold medal and leave the silver to Caballero.

Both karatekas had faced in the eliminatory round and in that morning combat, the Mexican went ahead 2-1, but could not repeat the history in the end.

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