The Need To Coordinate The Body And Mind For Karate Athletes

Both yoga and karate have Asian roots and helps in deriving respect, knowledge and discipline. People practising yoga find it easy to get accustomed to martial arts, and vice versa, because of the focus on both strength and techniques. The two art forms concentrate on the postures, movements of the hip and breathing. For the successful mastering of Karate, it is best to practice yoga with the help of custom yoga props from sites like, Dusky Leaf, Love My Mat, etc. You can also go through several Yoga training videos listed at, that show how using the right props for yoga can improve your postures and make your body flexible for Karate.

Karate and flexibility

Karate benefits in improving your posture and make your body flexible. Stretch your muscles and see the fluidity it gives to your joints. A versatile body can deliver punches and high kicks easily.

Karate and endurance

Practising Karate regularly will promote endurance. Warm up exercises and other strength exercises can help to improve the overall strength of the body. It gives your body an increase in strength and stamina. The breathing techniques help to make your body and mind more focused. It is believed that the samurais had zen focus when they went to the battlefield.

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Karate and core strength
Core muscle strength improves through exercise. The foundation of kicks and punches are based on the muscle strength. Regular practice and a good diet can ensure the development of the muscle helping in blowing the right kicks and punches.

Karate and speedy recovery
The exercise and the techniques used during karate training help to maintain a strong and healthy body. The muscles relax after a hard day’s toil. With injuries being part of the trade, the body needs strength to recover from pains and aches. There healing exercises that can bring about the health benefits.

Karate and breathing
Breathing aids in promoting the blood flow and encourages muscle coordination. In karate, exhalation is the focus during the moment of impact. Exhalation during punch and kick can harden the body and improve the limb action. When the body is free of air, the freedom of motion is higher. The best effects are derived when yoga and karate are practised simultaneously.

Karate and postures
Karate also does have postures. The Kanku Dai where there is a skyward focus where the student has to inhale and exhale at the right positions during the workout needs. The breathing is timed, during inhalation, your arms are brought up and during exhale your arms are in the form of a sun shape.

Karate and hips
Karate is all about hip control. The power to kick and punch comes from the hip rotation. The combination of hip and leg strength is crucial in closing distances and quick movements. The holds and throws are all attributed to the hip rotation. The hip alignment is important to avoid back strain and targets the muscles and helps in breathing properly.

Practising Karate after fully understanding the importance of body movements can help to master the art quickly. The accuracy at which the techniques are practised is attributed to the proper positioning of the body.

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