Must Know Facts About Self Defense For Women

There are different schools of thought on the way how personal protection strategies need to be adopted by different people. Some say to attack first, while others say to defend and get away. Either way, the person’s mentality at that point needs to be on the right track on how to respond to impending danger. For this purpose, getting professional training is of utmost importance to ensure that the expected reaction comes as second nature to the person even before they have to let the thought process take over. Adding a strategic Self Defense For Women plan to daily routine would help a lot. This builds a strong and confident character as well as help in getting away in a stressful scenario.

Know When To Switch On The Rage Mode

Being aware of the surroundings is very important for the truth that there is an impending danger in an unknown place around us, at all times. Although this gives us enough possibilities to become paranoid, it is often best left as it is. Being aware requires knowledge and a lot of practice. This keeps the awareness from being healthy and not going into paranoid mode. Attackers are always on the scout to find out the weakest links. It could be as simple as a distracting target to ones with valuables easily visible. When one is spotted to have signs of weaknesses, the attackers may make their move. This could be out of the blue and often takes the victim by surprise. It is imperative to know where the keys are. This could save minutes of confusion, searching for them in case of any scenario. Even if we don’t have a choice in being the victim, our quick evasive actions could help in decreasing the damage that may follow.

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Outsmart The Attackers

Being surrounded by security professionals ensures a feeling of confidence that keeps morale high at all times. When arriving at a new place, try to establish a sense of rapport with them. A simple smile or greeting should do it. Leaving drinks unattended or accepting bottles from unknown people are some of the classic mistakes women have been noticed to make. Making contact with professional security increases the chance of being rescued in any unusual case as they would be on the lookout for known faces. Have a buddy system that ensures you have a friend on the lookout and checks up on you now and then.

When To Switch To Flight Or Fight Mode

Keep a confident, energetic and robust vibe on the outside. This gives the attackers a second thought on deciding their victim. Always have a plan B in case of any unsolicited advances. It is advised to act as quickly as possible to find an exit strategy. Try to avoid confrontations as much as possible and try to get out of bad situations before escalating into fights. Trust your gut and go with what feels right; if it feels that it is best to leave the place, do not hold back from the scene.

If a physical conflict can not be avoided, then go all in and do not hesitate to make a move. When grabbed from the front, try to move hips away from them by twisting. The next step will have an advantage that catches the attacker by surprise. Grab under the jaw and squeeze hard until they let you go.