Karate For Women- Women Fight Men In Glasgow Karate Club

Ben Fail’s Approach to Karate

Ben Fail- instructor of Glasgow Karate Club says that women should be permitted to fight against men in karate races. He added that women and men spar together but it is hard to see them compete with each other during the competition. Ben also has an opinion that Karate is about technique and control, so gender does not play any role in Karate. Five years ago, he had conducted a mixed-gender race for a group of karate learners who are 16 years of age in his Glasgow karate club. He also invited other club members to participate in the race.

But other coaches did not like this idea. They did not prefer breaking gender segregation tradition within the competitors though opposite gender trainees’ fight while training in other clubs too. However, Ben is strongly devoted to the policy- Karate for women and he motivates women and men to compete with each other and learn the art exactly.

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What is Karate and why Karate for women?

Karate is an excellent and unique Japanese martial art founded on self-handed or unarmed self-defense. By learning this art, students can develop strength, control, and speed through the learning of individual techniques and mishmashes and also partner function controlled situations and under the assistance of a qualified instructor or sensei.

One of the important and obvious reasons for girls to indulge in karate is to develop the ability for self defense. Women are most times the target of various crimes and when they do not know how to protect themselves, it can affect a girl’s entire life. When a girl knows to defend herself, she can use this invaluable tool whenever needed as she grows up. Because of her skill, the parents can also remain relaxed that her daughter is always safe.

When it is played against males, there are chances for women players to learn more skills and techniques. They would not be hitting each other but they will learn the ability and skill in depth. Having female and male participants fighting each other should not be taken seriously, as it merely deals with skill.

A Girl In Karate Uniform Isolated On White Background.

Martial arts helps students to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. According to the principles of martial arts, every person should be given individual importance according to their actions and personality. Martial arts endorses students in the form of belt rank according to their achievement. They watch themselves become valued and promoted for their rank and self-esteem. Thus their self-confidence increases, keeping them less defenseless to peer attacks. It also assists the learners to concentrate on things that are important for their lives. Most get involved in false friends, fashionable clothes, and makeup that come and vanish, karate remains to be self-motivated and goal-oriented. It helps the students to accomplish exceptionally in academics and concentrate on homework and in the classroom.

It is an art that helps students accomplish balance and steadiness in their lives.

Karate should not matter about gender

Ben is an experienced karate practitioner and has been teaching for the last 25 years. He motivates children to participate in the Kumite or mixed-gender fights at his club. Sometimes, parents are concerned about these fights, he ensures all their students are the same and safety is followed as a major parameter.

Charles is a student of Ben. He is nine years old. His father- Barry Carruthers comments that there is no reason why Karate competitions mean only hurting or getting hurt. It should be seen as a technique where gender should not matter.