How Did A Female Karate Master Work Her Way Up To The 2020 Olympics?

Who is Sakura Kokumai?

Sakura Kokumai is one of the most popular athletes in America known for her Karate skills. She gave up everything to enter into the 2020 Olympics competition. Though this sport does not offer much money or attract many sponsors, she was serious about her skills. She even quit her job to concentrate on training. She resides with a mass family for free of cost and sleeps at times on the gym floor.

Sakura Kokumai- Perfect example for Karate for women

If you are a woman and wondering whether karate is meant for you, you need to read about Sakura Kokumai. Her skills and moves make it clear that karate for women is very important. She is 27 years and expected to win a gold medal for America through her Karate skills at the forthcoming Tokyo summer Olympics. She is less than 5 feet in height. But when she wears the uniform or gi, she looks like a tall girl. Sakura Kokumai comments that when she wears her gi, she feels strong, confident, and just being herself.

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Tokyo games are planned to conduct two types of karate games. They are sparring or Kumite and kata. Kata means performing a collection of exact movements individually. Kokumai says that Kata is something equal to a figure gliding without music. In the United States, Sakura Kokumai occupies the No.1 position in the kata karate for women. She has been one of the top five performers in the world. She has won gold in the last fall at Pan American Games and also silver last week in Dubai. Karate Premier League Tournament was conducted in Dubai recently and she won the silver medal. The main highlight is she has accomplished all these without a coach.

At present, Sakura Kokumai is residing in California for free. She does not have a job or car. Her wardrobe mostly consists of Team USA clothes. The reporters asked how much she had saved in her bank. She answered that she has very little and also admits that amount with a laugh.

Sakura Kokumai - Female Karate Master.

Just like many American sports enthusiasts, Sakura Kokumai has sacrificed everything to reach the Olympics. She could not make much money or attract sponsors through this game. When asked about this, she says that she has never imagined the Olympics and how it could affect her future. She says that several wrestlers, swimmers grow up dreaming to compete at the Olympics as they see games of various athletes competing. But for her, karate athletes are almost like a unique universe.

In 2016, the International Olympics Committee decided to add karate Tokyo games. Hearing the news, Sakura Kokumai started to make serious decisions. She was wondering what to do, where to start from, and where to go.

Training since the age of seven

According to her, she never took Karate as an escape. It was something that she enjoyed and gave her a lot of peace and calm feelings.

To be specific, she was attracted to the sport. In less than three minutes, she can easily express herself through Kata karate. As it is a unique art, she just fell in love with the sport and enjoys every time she performs.

Sakura Kokumai says there is a fixed group of movements for each kata practice and it has been followed for years. As an individual athlete, one can change the timing and rhythm. She also adds that because of her small stature, she can express more speed than taller players. She says that her strength is power. She has been competing since she was a teenager overseas and it has been continuous after that.