Deadly Karate Techniques In MMA As Combat Sports

Joining a Karate class has become a trend now. When some people stop going for classes after receiving belts that show a level of proficiency, some people leave Karate classes for Muay Thai or MMA. The reason is they believe techniques learned in Karate classes will not help you during a street fight or during a crucial situation in real life.

In Karate and other martial arts, there are common techniques that include kicks and punches. Apart from those common kicks and punches, still there are unique Karate techniques. These techniques can be used in MMA, a form of combat sport available now. Karate techniques that can work in MMA can certainly be used in a street fight or in a hand-to-hand combat.

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Three Unique Techniques To Excel

The deadly techniques in Karate that can help you in a street fight are: Foot sweep, Reverse punch, Backward trip, Crane kick, Side kick, Roundhouse kick and the Stance.

Roundhouse kick to Jab: Two basic techniques are used and the combination of these two is entirely different from any other martial arts. Loyoto Machida used this combo to capture the UFC title.

Backward trip: This technique is restricted to Karate and not very much known in other martial arts also. In this technique, you trap your opponent between your arm in front and your leg behind. This will make him lose balance and you can take him down without much effort.

Foot sweep: This technique utilizes, as an alternative to your force, the drive of your opponent. It is different from the sweep used in MMA where you have to take down your opponent catching a leg or a sweep.

Using Stance Sideways In MMA

The martial art is to defend oneself before an attack. In Karate, the stance technique uses both feet on the same line and standing sideways. In the sideways stance, it is easy to move back and forward to counter attack.

In Muay Thai or MMA, the square stance helps you to stand your ground by guarding yourself with kicks and punches. The sideways stance helps you to move back and go forward that can make your opponent miss but not block your strikes. No gloves are used in a street fight. So, following a sideways stance will help you to stay elusive and maintain distance that can protect you from kicks and counter your opponent with punches. With sideways stance, least amount of blows will hit your face.