Simple Exercises To Improve Your Karate Skills

Being a receiver provides an excellent opportunity to learn something we want to excel. In Karate to be the “uke” or “receiver” of your sensei (teacher) helps you to understand both by watching and listening to instructions from your sensei. This will help you to improve karate skills steadily.

First Simple Exercise

The Egyptian Mummy Zombie
When you perform this exercise, you may resemble some paintings on the pyramid walls. This exercise stresses the need for correct spinal posture which helps in the optimum function of your muscles in all techniques and movements while performing karate.

You need to keep your arms straight to your sides

Now stand, keeping your legs apart

Then get help to move an arm down

While resisting push, note the feeling

Keep your feet on any object

Get help to move your arm down

Notice the difference now

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Two More Simple Exercises

The Pregnant Panda
When you perform this exercise by lying down, please remember this applies to every movement. By building active tension in your lower body, it enhances the functions of core muscles that can directly affect the power output derived using upper body techniques. Once you have mastered the lying version, this exercise can be tried by standing up.

Now knees apart, legs bent, lie on your back

Next, do a sit-up

Crush a strong object with force between your knees

Notice the difference by doing a sit-up

Fist of Awesomeness
When you perform this exercise, it not only involves your fist, but involves your whole body. This exercise will help you find out the weakest structural link, learn what muscles to tense or relax, and also learn to align your joints in harmony. It can be performed in any stance (neko ashi-dachi, kokutsu-dachi, sanchin-dachi) with any type of technique (block, punch, kick, strike).

Now you are in a front stance

Next, a punch is done

Ask your pair to stand before you

The pair must apply pressure towards you on your fist

Keeping your posture complete, try to resist the pressure

Now make a note what joint or a body part first fails

The Egyptian Mummy Zombie, The Pregnant Panda, and Fist of Awesomeness are the three simple exercises that assure to discover common principles that will open doors for having further knowledge about Karate.