Self Defense Moves You Need To Know

Be Aware, Be Safe

Harassment and assault against women is a global issue. In a recent survey conducted worldwide, 81% women were either assaulted or sexually harassed or both. While verbal harassment was the most common firm, 27% are sexual assault survivors and 51% were groped or touched. This explains the need for women to be more strong. Even if you have never faced such a situation, it is vital that you know how to keep yourself safe in such circumstances. In today’s world, it is important women know a few self defence moves to protect themselves. Self defence moves will teach you better safety strategies, tips to deal with potential abuse or assault, keeps you positive and confident.

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Different Self Defense Moves

There are a few defence moves a woman can quickly learn to combat the attacker. You don’t have to be a martial art expert to learn these self defence moves. With little practice, one can quickly focus on the attackers groin, eyes, throat and nose. These are the most vulnerable parts of the human body that have maximum impact when attacked. You can aim on or all of these parts several times during the attack. You must have an intimidating body language as you attack using all your aggression and force. Be really loud to show you are a powerful lady and also you can attract the attention of anyone close by.

One of the easiest ways to defend yourself is to use a key. It can be a car, two wheeler or house keys. As you walk, hold the keys stuck out between fists and use it like a hammer when you strike out at the attacker. You can also distract the attacker by swinging the key at them. If you are about to be attacked from the front, focus on the attacker, lean forward and kick the groin using your knee. It should be forceful as you drive your knee ball into the groin area. You can also aim to attack the nose or throat using your palms. Jab the nose or throat upwards forcefully using the palm. Or, an open palm attack to the ear can be disorienting. The elbow is the strongest part of your organ. Use it to strike the attackers face. Learn techniques to escape from bear hugs from behind, or hand traps. These attacks are from behind and while escaping always bend forward, twist and try to attack the sensitive areas.

Precautionary Measures To Avoid Extreme Situations

Though you have these techniques in hand, you may not always feel confident about physically attacking a person. If you are that kind of person, it is always advisable to stay safe. Ensure you are always in a well lit place that has people around. If you feel stalked, walk into a store for help. Call emergency services if you find yourself in trouble. Have self defence tools like pepper spray, safety alarm, lipstick taser. Get yourself trained on how to use these tools to keep you safe. Always be aware of your environment and do not be with anyone who does not respect your boundaries.