Self Defense For Hiking – Personal Protection Equipment

The Adventures of Hiking

Hiking is an adventurous, sportive activity one can indulge with a group of friends or solo. Just that it is tad risky as well. Hiking spots are filled with species that are usually found in wooded, hilly areas. It could be mountain lions, bears, wasps, hornets, bees and more. You really can’t predict what you will face in a new environment in which you have seldom visited. Just a customary research about the geography of the region will not suffice. You need to go deeper and research about the potential threats one could face. If you are planning for a solo hike trail, then you might want to be even more careful.

Apart from your research about the location, you should also consider getting trained in self defense for hiking and carrying devices that can be used for personal protection. Invest in some of the best protection items to keep you safe from wild animals, other hikers who can be a threat and from getting lost. Discussed below are some of the personal protection tools that can be used while hiking.

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Personal Protection For Self Defense

There are a few devices you need to invest in when you are hiking. It may not always be a violent attack from another hiker or an animal. There are more chances that you can lose track of the trail. A satellite communicator can come in handy. It gives the exact longitude and latitude of the current position. With a topographical map, you can easily find your way out of any spot. Lights and loud noises will keep nocturnal predators at bay. They fear fire, but don’t worry if you can’t have fire just carry a flashlight. High powered flashlights can easily deter them.

Carry a good whistle around the neck. The sound of whistles will let other hikers know that you are in danger. So, use the whistle only when you need to. It can also scare off predators. It is one of the inexpensive protection tools you can always afford. A bell is also useful to warn animals of your presence. They will simply keep away from the sound. Animal repellents are a good strategy and come in all sizes and shapes. Things like bear spray, ultrasonic dog chaser works well on wolves. Pepper spray is good for human predators. There are few instances of human attack and if you are a woman hiking solo, then be prepared. A stun hiking gun is a good idea as it will not escalate confrontation. A baton is another safest option which is easy to use and is lightweight.

Important Points To Note

Carry personal protection equipment that you can afford and keep them within the reach of your hands. Ensure that the tools you use can be used for self defense. It must not be something an attacker can get hold of and attack you back. So, don’t use knives and guns. It may escalate things with the attacker. It is also an illegal weapon to use in most of the hiking spots. So, leave all your arsenal at home including Glocks. Make sure you buy an appropriate brand. It should be reliable and must not give up on you when you use it. Spend on a quality brand when it comes to protective gears as it can last for years.

You must know how to use these protective gears especially, stun guns. Ensure that you have enough practice using these gears with a dummy or with friends as role play. Test run all the gears you are going to carry. Finally, checking you have packed everything appropriately.