Getting Strong In Your Karate Skills

Believed to be from China and Japan, Karate as a martial art has now turned to be a popular self-defense skill to learn and to excel. Though it had its origin from China, it developed into a method of self-defense in Japan. Karate existed during a period when weapons were banned and this martial art was practiced using empty hands. Consistent practice of techniques used in Karate will help you understand the important basics. There are different styles of Karate such as modern, traditional and western that include Full-contact and American Freestyle. Yet, the base techniques remain the same.

  • Shotokan – powerful, steady movements, be at centre in all positions
  • Goju-Ryu – slower movements, focus breathing, linear move

Spend your time to know how Karate differs from other existing martial arts. It is easy to confuse with different styles and unknowingly interchange names of those marital arts. It is also true all martial arts employ techniques that resemble one another.

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Be Ready With The Basics

Karate focuses on techniques involving open hands and striking moves. It also uses kicking, knee and elbow strikes and punches. Practicing involves four essential style aspects. With a combination of techniques, these four aspects include distinct form of movements.

  • Kihon – learning basic techniques
  • Kata – learning a strategy that combines techniques in a flow
  • Bunkai – learning to analyze movements and apply in real
  • Kumite – learning free sparring

Studying Your Fundamentals

You must know how to excel basic punches in Karate. Every punch is straight, and twisting the wrist near the point of impact. To avoid getting hurt, always use your first two knuckles to hit and ensure you didn’t lock your elbow.

In Karate, kicks help you to maintain the distance between your opponent and you. It is also used as an option when you are not able to move due to a block or while preventing an attack.

  • Front kick – to hit with your foot
  • Side kick – to keep your toes pointing down and hit with the foot
  • Roundhouse kick – to hit with your foot, toes curled up, with the foot turned sideways
  • Hook kick – a roundhouse, reversed kick
  • Back kick – to kick and hit using your heel

Karate is not used for offence, but it is used for self-defense. You must know how to defend yourself in any situation.