About Us

Femex Karate is run by a group of enthusiastic karate athletes to give you information about this particular martial art. We work hard to get the latest news, and trends related to the world of Karate to your screen in the shortest time possible. If you are new to the world of Karate, we have compiled many articles that will introduce you to this spectacular martial art form.

Karate has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times as a mode of self-protection. The crime rates are rising in every corner of the world, making it important for people to learn how to defend themselves, in the event of an attack. Karate is a type of Japanese martial art which uses physical aspects of the body for developing defensive moves as well as counter attacking movements. The main themes of Karate are self-defense and fighting. A lot of discipline and consistent effort is required during the training sessions. The most important rule of Karate that is taught at our academy is that you never make the first move. Karate is primarily only for self-defense and not for attacking a hapless victim.

The origin of the term ‘Karate’ is from two Chinese characters. Learning Karate also means incorporating the rules of Karate in all parts of life as well. The discipline that is instilled in the individual by undergoing training in Karate has to be practiced in all aspects of life. The four main styles of Karate taught at Femex Karate Academy:

  •        Shotokan
  •        Goju-ryu
  •        Shito-ryo
  •        Wado-ryu

The Femex Federation strives to introduce the concepts of Karate to people from all ages and irrespective of gender. Learning Karate is a good practice to instill in kids from a younger age itself, as it promotes health fitness as well as a defense mechanism in case they are ever caught unawares in an attack. Several Karate tournaments are also held throughout the year to motivate the students to perform well and win trophies. Through the passing years, the students are encouraged to better themselves through constant effort and practice.

Karate is a dominant scene in the national level, with athletes from all over the country competing with each other to show their skill in the martial art form.  Karate helps students gain self-confidence and implement the rules they have learned in other aspects of their life as well. People who have learnt Karate are often over-achievers with very organized lives.

Femex Karate Federation has many expert Karate athletes who are ready to offer guidance to newcomers this martial art form. We also have a mentor system in place to help young kids from unstable backgrounds to help achieve their goals in life. IF you have the skill and experience, you can also be one of the mentors by signing up. Our Karate training classes take place every day from morning till night. You can choose any training session according to your convenience and work on improving your karate skills.

If you have an interest in this awesome martial art form, sign up at Femex Karate Federation. We will help you master the different techniques of this ancient art form in no time at all.  Our experts will also help you train for Karate tournaments with special emphasis on techniques and form. Sign up today to be the next champion!