About Us

Dear friends and family of karate, welcome to the website of the Mexican Karate Federation, AC, which we put at your disposal, here you can find everything related to sports, news, classifications, calls, history of karate in the World, history of karate in Mexico, calendar of activities, categories, sketches of our outstanding athletes etc.

Karate plays a more active role in the national scene and with this document we define part of the change that the federation makes to successfully lead the destinations of our sport.

Karate, requires more order to provide a better care to all athletes, so our body understands this problem and assuming the challenge, we propose to establish a bold program, which involves an administrative and financial reform that allows us to guide the Decisions to achieve a more solid and functional organization of the Federation, so I invite all our members to join, so that with their work is a shared effort towards the success of our sport.


“Honor and Sports Spirit”

Roberto Hernández & García