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Easy To Follow Tips To Improve Your Point Sparring

Features In Point Sparring In Karate, sparring helps to maintain speed, timing and distance control. The two major categories of sparring are point sparring and full contact sparring. Among the two, point sparring prevents injury and allows to strike with full speed but only light contact. Good movement helps to avoid from being hit. It…

Training Tips For Competing In A Karate Tournament

Knowing About Elements That Will Push Your Win If you want to be a successful competitor in a karate tournament, you must remember the important elements that are part of a winning technique. These elements will get you ready to face your opponent anywhere, any time. Eye control – look where you are going Speed…

The Kick, The Punch and The Chop

The Mighty Kick How many times have we marvelled at the way the heroes on the silver screen knock out the greasy looking villain with a kick to his face? A kick is basically a strike with the leg to any part of the opponent’s body. A kick that is well- calculated and timed can…

Is Martial Arts Techniques Patentable

The martial arts industry has shifted from the classical and traditional type to sports-focused type. Does it affect the people who are involved in the classical martial arts methods business? Well, such professionals can focus on niche marketing that is lucrative and popular. There are not many people developing equipment, especially for traditional training and…

Karate Exercises

Karate is a Martial art form which originated in Japan. The martial art is now famous across the world. The Shotokan Karate is most influential style of the martial art form. It was first developed in the nineteen hundreds. Like the martial art form this particular type of karate is said to be highly influential….

Human Weapon Karate Techniques

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