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Waldo RamÍRez Occupies 7Th Place In The Open Of Paris

Paris France. As of January 24, 2015 . Crédit Photo: Denis Boulanger – FFKDA. (IKKOSPORTS) – Waldo Ramirez took the seventh place in the kata specialty among 123 competitors in the Karate Do Open in Paris, starting this season with a good step towards the 2015 international events in a contest that takes place in Stade Pierre De Coubertin.

Waldo Ramirez had to face the Portuguese Pinheiro, the Belgian Giovanne and the Spaniard Damián Quintero.

This season begins with the Premier League of Karate with the record presence of 912 registered competitors from 68 countries with the presence of the best karatekas in the world.

The tournament takes place in Paris two months away from the Senior European Championships (qualifying for the European Games in June with Baku headquarters), in such a way that the best French athletes will be at the Paris Open, as well as athletes Japan, Egypt, Germany, Italy and Mexico.

The best athletes in the world, such as Giana Lofty (Egypt), Enes Erkan (Turkey), Luigi Busa (Italy), Serap Ozcelik (Turkey), Gogita Arkania (Georgia), Alizee Agier (France), Sara Cardin Someya (Japan), as well as Rafael Aghayev (Azerbaijan), who will make their return to the competition and will also be present a significant number of world medalists.

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Karate Mexicano Thinks In Colombia, Dominican And Venezuela For JCC

Mexico, 6 Nov (Notimex). – The biggest rivals of Mexican karate for the Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014 are the teams from Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, nations that have raised their sporting level in the last four years.

However, Daniel Vargas Flores, who will compete in the minor category at 67 kilos, said that the Mexican team is composed of the best in the country, to face these nations and reach the finals in each of the divisions.

“The strategy is to work with videos, analyze the combats of the most complicated rivals and prepare a strategy for each of them,” he said.

He said that some have already faced international battles and know how to win, but at the beginning of the Olympic cycle there are also some new competitors, which are unknown.

He pointed out that in the case of Mexico, it is a group where there is experience and youth, “we are some with much experience and others that come from youth, But have had a very important sport development. “

Vargas Flores considered that in addition to the quality of the selected, another factor that will influence the best performance is the existing union between the partners, “the team is united and motivated. We think that we are going to have a very good role in the games, we will go with everything for the gold “.

The karate tournament will be held in Coatzacoalcos from the 27th to the 29th of this month.

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Mexicana Xatzi Yunue Trujillo Advances At End Of Karate In JCC

Coatzacoalcos, Ver., Nov. 27 (Xinhua) – Mexican athlete Xatzi Yunue Trujillo will seek the gold medal from the Dominican Maria Valerieva Diimitrova in the individual Kata category of the Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz 2014.

The karate will fight for the metal this afternoon at the Convention Center of the city of Coatzacoalcos, after winning in the semifinal to Venezuelan Elaine Martinez 5-0.

Trujillo, a 21-year-old, thrashed in today’s match with a 5-0 win over rivals Elena Maria Rivera of El Salvador and Ana Keyla Méndez of Nicaragua in the preliminary rounds and Martinez in the semifinal.

For its part, the other finalist, Diimitrova, agreed to the definition after beating Rivera 5-0.

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